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Senior rep

Are you outgoing, trendy, and fun?

Perfect, then sign up! Your friends

trust your judgement and will love

seeing who you've chose to

capture who you are your senior

year! Your role as a rep is to share

your experience during your model

shoot! When you apply for the

senior rep program, you must be a senior this upcoming year.

Perks of being a senior rep:

  • ​Discounted senior session normally$250 reduced to $125

  • $25 for every referral for an hour session

  • Your friends also get $25 off their session

Parents or legal guardians of the Senior Rep must sign a model release, allowing me to use your images for advertising purposes. 

Referral Discounts are valid only during your Senior year.  

Senior reps are encouraged to have at least 2 forms of social media avenues to reach out to their peers! Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or SnapChat are preferred! 

Reps will be contacted if chosen and also announced on my Instagram and on Facebook. 

Applications are open for the 2023 school year! 

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