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Wilding Family

It was so fun to catch up with the Wilding family. We used to go to the same church when I was a kid. They have been moving around since their dad was in the army. They just moved back to Idaho and are here for good! Just in time for me to leave...oops! But we were able to make it work and get together. It is crazy how easy it is to catch up with someone you haven't seen in over 10 years.

As I am preparing to move to Spokane, Washington, I am reflecting on what I am going to miss in Boise and what I am excited for. Obviously I am excited for change and adventure but I am excited to explore new places and be close to the mountains. We bought bikes and kayaks, so we'll be able to be outside more. I will be able to live with my husband and dog again (we've been living apart for 7 months). I am going to miss my family, the good food and all the places to take photos. I will have to push myself to reestablish myself but all will be well!

If you know of any great spots to try out in the Spokane/ Coeur D'Alene area let me know!

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