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The Westermans

They say rain means good luck on a wedding day, so Ryan and Erika are going to be filled with an abundance of luck throughout their years together. At the Farmhouse on Green Bluff, in Colbert, Washington, it was an especially rainy day, but the couple didn't let that stop the party. Even though they had to move their ceremony inside, it was still nothing short from perfect. I also am a sucker for cute umbrella pictures and moody skies!

We started off the day at Koco Salon to get ready. The fun part was that Erika didn't know I was going to show up for this part, so it was a cheerful surprise! Afterward, we made our way to the venue which are white barn houses and beautiful hills. We shot their first looks in a cherry orchard (the one time it stopped raining). And soon the wedding festivities started! They had a drink RV, The Wander Bar, which was a total hit with kids and adults. There was also a photo booth, great dancing and mini pies from Bridies Pie Shop. The one thing that I loved that was unique was a family dance where the kids from both marriages came together and danced. It was really sweet.

Everything was really spot on with the Westerman's wedding and I don't think there could have been anything else to make it better.

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