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The Terneus'

Audrey and John Paul meet while at a Wyoming Catholic College playing board games. Overtime they became friends and the rest is history. They said, "Friendship has always been the foundation of our relationship. We have had, and have, and will have, many romantic moments (Audrey is a hopeless romantic, after all), but first and foremost we are the closest of friends. We share many interests, friends, and dreams, and we can talk to each other about anything and everything. There's a lot of laughter and silliness and teasing in our relationship. That old advice to "marry your best friend" -- we couldn't agree more with it! So, for our wedding, we'd like to capture not only the significance of the ceremony (for us, marriage is sacred and absolutely forever) and the (long-awaited) romantic moments, but also the wonderful friendship that we've had since the beginning." Once I met them, I could see how true that was for them!

It was a beautiful ceremony with many symbolic parts to partake in. They got married in Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes in Spokane, Washington. The reception was held down the street at the Spokane Club. Both were stunning venues!

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