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The Carson's

Can I just say how much I loved this wedding! It was so sweet and intimate. Just Emma and Fallin’s parents and siblings were there; the most important people in their lives.

We started by chatting and then the judge came in and the ceremony started. I almost shed a tear, but I stayed strong. There is something magical about being able to witness the unity of a couple. Especially in that setting where there were just a few people. It was short and sweet, probably no longer than 10 minutes. Their moms signed as the witnesses and then we were on our way!

We took their formals outside the courthouse; which by the way, I have never seen such a phenomenal courthouse before! Again, it was short and sweet. But we captured the memories and Emma and Fallin went to dinner with their family.

A neat thing that the couple decided to do was keep Emma’s last name. So Fallin took her last name, instead of the bride taking the groom's name. It is very modern and unique! I think this is something we might be seeing as a trend.

I cannot express how sentimental and stress free elopements can be. You don't have to worry about decorations, inviting people, and so many other elements of getting married.

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