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The Booth Family

When I grow up I want to own a house like the Booth family! I can’t even imagine all the fun they have while living on the lake during the summer. This was their first year in it, after waiting for it to be built for a few years. They come down from Arizona and are soon going to be renting it out for other people to use on their vacations.

Such a sweet (and may I add, a good looking) family! Even though it was super windy and eventually started to rain, they kept their heads up and had a positive attitude. Their youngest son even fell into the lake midway through pictures! Such a bummer but we kept trekking on.

Family pictures can be crazy but you just have to have the right mindset. Know that kids will get dirty, might cry and it is okay. We are capturing the real you right? Obviously we want picture-perfect, but honestly, I love candid ones! The ones where not everyone will look perfect, but you can see the love coming through.

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