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Stovall Wedding

I met JT back in 2017; he was my now husbands roommate. They were best buds, inseparable. Once my husband and I got married, JT came over all the time and was basically part of the family. So when JT asked me to shoot his wedding, it was a duhhhh moment. And I was going to be there anyway because my husband was the best man.

I loved the whole theme and feel of their wedding. It was the day before Halloween, so they wanted it to be centered around that. Maroon and black, skulls, you name it. It also was at the Highland Garden, in American Fork, Utah. The venue was a greenhouse like I have never seen before, it was spectacular. Emmalee's dress also matched the mood of the day and she killed it! And not to mention, the weather was great for being October.

The wedding was very relaxed and chill; just like the two of them. Things just flowed when they needed to and guess what else flowed... Tacos. They had a taco truck #getinmybelly They also had an spooky charcuterie board with lots of great treats.

I can say I walked out of that wedding happy and full! I am so happy for JT and Emmalee; they are such a perfect match and I cannot wait to see what life brings them.

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