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Stella + Stylized shoots and Why they are Important!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Stella is every photographers dream to work with. She is a natural model; she moves and flows so elegantly she makes it look effortless. She also makes the freezing, raining weather, look like a warm summer day.

This was a stylized shoot with about 8 other photographers and 4 stations for us to shoot at. I love that we can build a creative community to help others grow our trade. I always look forward to going to these sort of things because it is a time to learn and grow from others. You can see how other photographers interact with models, tips and tricks they do and you just pick up on new techniques. It is so, so important to invest in yourself every once in awhile! Treat ‘yo self! But for real, I have grown my business so much from attending workshops because I have expanded my portfolio and become more comfortable in myself and my work! And honestly, it doesn’t have to be anything big! The first thing I attended was a stylized shoot that my friend was helping out with the decorations. I said yes not knowing what to expect and in return, I made friends, networked and gained REAL CLIENTS. Like Nike says, just do it.

Anyway, if you can believe it, these pictures are in the foothills of Boise, Idaho. I would have totally guessed that they were in southern Utah or Arizona with the orangish, red backdrop. I am a total sucker, for warm weather and dessert vibes. I actually lived in St. George, Utah for a year and loved it! I attended Dixie State University and it was seriously such a good experience for me! The red rock, all the outdoor activities, the sun! Can't beat it! I think moving ten hours away from home and just experiencing something new was just what I needed. I met so many great people, did lots of neat things (Like breaking a world record and playing hide and seek in caves) and got my associates that year.

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