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Scow Family + Traveling to Arizona

My sweet cousin is a senior in high school and asked me to take her senior photos! So I packed my bags and flew down to visit my family down in Arizona over President's weekend. There were so many nice things about taking a trip down there like the weather, going kayaking, eating some awesome food and obviously visiting with my family.

We started off with the whole family’s photos, since they needed some new ones before Madi goes off to college. They were nice and easy to shoot. The only thing standing in the way of glorious photos was the dang wind. We were also down in a canyon on the river which didn't help either. We made it work and then it was awesome to have some extra helping hands with Madi’s pictures.

I think her pictures turned out stunning. That may be because she walked out into the freezing river but hey, do it for the gram right? I also loved the second location with the cacti; you don't see them quite that large in Idaho. Afterwards we celebrated with Dutch Bros (Naturally) and had a game night.

I know Arizona is Blazing hot but go there in the winter. It is worth it!

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