Sarah + Jeremey Engagements

Here are some steamy engagements photos from up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. And, it really wasn't was freezing, but these two brought the heat ;) We shot them over by the lake and it is so fun to see how diverse the area is!

Sarah and Jeremey were a blast! Jeremey actually grew up in the neighboring town that I grew up in so that was fun to talk about. They were so funny and were not afraid to be themselves. I loved it. I cannot wait till their wedding!

I know people hate the cold (me too) but, if you take a look at this set of photos you can totally achieve beautiful photos.

Here are a few tips:

  • Wear warm clothes (Duh, or at least bring layers)

  • Bring different socks and shoes to change into if there is snow, so you have warm shoes. This could go for clothes as well.

  • Bring hot hands and shove them in nonchalant places.

  • Accessorize- hats. scarfs, blankets.

  • Know where you want to shoot and if you are doing multiple locations, have a game plan. It is better to be fast than dilly dally.

  • Bring coffee, hot cocoa, or tea as a prop!

  • Last, shoot inside if you can! Obviously this is an out, but it is always an option.

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