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Pool Wedding

Haley and Jake had a perfect country wedding out in Parma, Idaho. All the details paved the way for a beautiful day. The arch that they had for their ceremony, was actually a tree in their family's yard and they decided to put it to good use! They built it and that made it all so special. There were velvet couches, cow rugs, blankets if you got cold, a hot chocolate stand and my favorite, a canoe with drinks inside. They also made sure their dog was part of their special day in the bridal party line.

During the ceremony, Haley's grandfather gave a perfect prayer and scripture reading. Then their pastor told some stories about them, which were pretty funny. The vows the two of them gave were nothing but perfect (and of course all had us laughing). It was a special moment that we all got to witness that day.

The toasts were hilarious! Haley's father, told a story of how Jake, worked for him on the farm and asked to marry Haley during work hours. He then asked for the few bucks he owed him for that time not working; too funny! The night was full of dancing, drinks and good company. I don't think you can ask for more in a wedding.

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