Maryen + Jake- Bridals 101

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Funny story! So I actually met Meryen and Jake at their wedding in the summer and then took their bridals in the fall! With covid, they had a small reception and not a lot of time to do all the photos they wanted to get. My Husband used to work for Meryen’s dad, so that's why we went to the wedding, and I actually knew the photographer there. So when Meryen and Jake wanted more photos, and their photographer was booked out, she referred me and it was perfect because they had just met me and their parents knew me!

Anyway, typically you would plan on doing brials before the wedding. Usually when I bring up bridals to a potential client, they don't know what they are or why you would do them. The thought behind them is you get the stress of your couple photos out of the way, so on your big day you can celebrate and have more time for other activities. Sometimes couples do them a week before, a day before; I have even been to receptions where they have their bridals printed out. It’s just nice not to rush from the ceremony to the reception and then have to be pulled from all the guests to take pictures at golden hour (Or whatever time you designate). It also allows you to take them in a different location than your wedding venue, which can be fun!

Another thing I wanted to address, this includes the groom as well. Even though they are called bridals, both people are in them. We should probably change the terminology because I get it, it is confusing. My vote, let's start calling them formals. Maybe that is a thing and I just stole it from someone...Sorry! All jokes aside, bridals can capture a very intimate moment between a couple and hopefully I was able to share that with you.

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