LaFond Wedding

Donna and Rick’s wedding was probably one of the most unique and sentimental days I have ever captured. I am so thrilled that I was able to be a part of their day and be able to share it with you! If you missed the back story, a few posts back I talk about meeting Donna and how they got their rings.

Their venue was The Bishop’s House in Boise, Idaho. It is right across the street from the Old State Penitentiary; which may sound creepy, but it is so beautiful and has a rich history. The Bishop’s House is actually where Donna and Rick first met! They were 11 years old and were at a wedding just like today.

Donna says, “Rick asked me to sword fight with him before the ceremony, and my mom got so mad that I was misbehaving that she pulled me away. Rick still thought I was cool enough to ask me to dance. He was my first dancing partner and I was his. After Rick left, I ended up catching the bouquet. So instead of tossing the bouquet I'm going to split it up and give it to every little girl there. The flowers will be Red is the Rose because Rick sings to me. Red is the Rose by the High Kings all the time. This song will also be our first dance. And instead of the garter toss Rick wants to pass out foam swords because of our sword fight.”

As you browse through the photos, you will be able to see their past connections come back to life and it is very sweet. Even the couple that had their wedding years ago where Donna and Rick met, came to celebrate. One thing Donna doesn't mention is that before Rick asked her to dance, he asked her dad permission. He was so nervous, but he also got a whole $20 from his own dad for asking! What a funny story; you’ll see a photo where the fathers are exchanging a $20 bill as a joke.

Overall, such a beautiful wedding and fun company!

Vendors: Venue: The Bishop's House

Catering: 13th Street Pub and Grill

Florist: The Outdoor Florist

Cake: Flour Child

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