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Jylian and Why Photogs don't want to give you RAWS

Jylian was part of a stylized shoot I attended the other day. I honestly think that these pictures could be part of a clothing campaign. I love the bohemian feel with her outfit, the baby's breath and the carpet. It is all a vibe!

Today’s Ted talk will be about RAW photos. What are raw photos you may ask? Beautiful question! RAW photos are formatted where they are a high quality in such that they don't lose data. When you edit, you can go back and edit it again, you are not changing the original make up of the file. Most photographers opt to shoot RAW versus JPEG because of those reasons. I also left a link at the bottom of my post if you are interested in the advantages of using RAW.

So why do photographers get so upset when you ask for the RAW files? You just want the better version right? No! The reason why we get upset is because you, the client, paid for a service- edited photos. By hiring said photographer, you are implying that you liked the editing style. It is disheartening when we get asked this because we spend hours editing photos and then you ask for the unedited ones. The other thing that goes along with that is if you edit them and post them, it is not an accurate representation of our work. Typically, we are more than happy to re-edit them to your liking if it is in a reasonable time frame. Just let us know! One last reason we don't want to send them to you is they are such big files! We typically cannot send them with our usual delivery method. We would either have to send a hard copy or upgrade our processor.

We want you to be happy with the services we provide, so let us help you! And...Maybe ask your photographer before the fact if they will give you RAW files, you might be surprised. I hope this makes sense and clarifies the topic of why RAWS are coveted.

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