Josh and Jennifer - Stylized Shoot

I met Jennifer on Bumble BFF! Isn't it a crazy world we live in now, where we can make friends on the internet (safely lol). I had this idea for a nighttime shoot with flash photography, glam looks, pearls, and a striking backdrop. I started the process with a Pinterest board and found some good resources. Then I went to the gram, the Instagram, and asked if anyone would be interested in participating. I got a few people, and they gave me suggestions for makeup and florals. We ended up going with Jessica Prigan @jessica.prigan.model, and she did a phenomenal job doing Jennifer's makeup. It was the right amount of glam with a softness that we were going for. I ended up making the Boquete out of flowers from Trader Joe's; that was a first for me and I definitely have room for improvement, but it was fun, nonetheless.

The day before the shoot, I dropped the dress off to Jennifer and... It was too big! So, I spent hours going to thrift stores, shopping centers and the mall to find a new one. Luckily, the last place I checked had one and it fit! Hallelujah! Then, literally an hour before the shoot, all the photographers that were going to shoot with me canceled. Lovely, right? Now I know to have a retainer fee with these kinds of things. We live and we learn. But I had a great time with the two of them and I think the photos turned out great.

Josh and Jennifer are actually going to be getting married later next year, so it was fun to dress up and play the part! We shot these photos at St. John's Cathedral in Spokane, Washington.

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