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Hailey - Senior Pictures

It is spring break, and I am heading down to Arizona to snap some photos of my cousin Hailey! It is so fun to travel and see some new scenery. It was a huge difference from the snowy atmosphere in Spokane, to the 90-degree weather in Phoenix.

We started off in the desert to do some cap and gown pictures. Don't you love how the red pops with the green cacti? Then headed down to the river to switch it up. I always recommend bringing a prop or something that represents you. Hailey brought her guitar!

The next day we took to the city and did some urban shots. Hailey and I sat up all night sending TikTok's to each other of places to go that had unique murals. You would never have guessed; the geometric shots were in front of a mall!

Overall, I think we got the vibe we were going for and had a good time. We also got 4 free pretzels at the mall, so that was also a win lol! Who knows the next time I will be in Arizona, maybe when my cousins graduate college? Stay tuned!

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