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Erika + Ryan's Engagements at the Farmhouse on Green Bluff

Erika and Ryan totally blew their engagements out of the water. Their country vibe matched the venue and also was very classy. So stunning! We shot them at the Farmhouse in Green Bluff in Colbert, Washington. If you haven't been up there, there is a tree farm, corn maze, apple picking, and so many other fun festivities. It also is beautiful! These two are also going to be tying the knot here as well, so I am super excited to come back in the spring.

Some helpful tips to think about when planning an engagement shoot are location, looks, and time of day.

Location: I like to think about where these pictures will be viewed and will it match? Do you want to hang up grungy, downtown photos in your house? Maybe, if that matches the energy in your home, but more than likely, you will want something light! For this shoot, I love the cohesiveness because they will match their wedding photos as well!

Looks: Again, think about where these photos are going to be viewed. If they are only going on an invitation it is fine to do something crazy and bold! Otherwise, I would recommend matching your décor or something natural! And of course, darker colors make you look slimmer.

Time of day: I am partial but I think golden hour (an hour right before sunset) is the best time to take photos. You could also do it at sunrise, which is very similar, just early which is a bummer! I like to sleep, haha! Direct sunlight is also an option which is a little more harsh. There is blue light which is right after sunset, this is a very small window, so I would not bank on this being your whole shoot. The last option is artificial light, in doors with a flash or other light systems.

Hopefully this will give you a kickstart on your engagement journey. Feel free to reach out to me for more tips!

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