Emma + Falin

I first met Emma in the 5th grade in our honors English class. She swears she asked me to put my phone number in her planner but I have no recollection. I remember being in her mom’s class and Emma just being there every once in a while. We then became better friends in middle school. Poor Emma was my guinea pigs while I first started experimenting with photography. I have some real gems hiding on a flash drive somewhere of her, but I will save her from that today. As time went on, she transferred to a different school and we didn’t see each other as much. But now we live in the same town and we are reconnected! A true happy ending.

Emma and Falin met while they were going to college at the University of Idaho in Moscow. Which, if you have never been to the campus, it is gorgeous. They are now over in Spokane to finish up Falin’s school at Gonzaga!

I loved that they invited me into their home and were able to share a part of their lives. It really can make taking photos more comfortable! Doing a home shoot creates a warm, cozy vibe that just cannot compete with outdoor landscapes. Don’t get me wrong, we still went out and did some photos outside, to get some variety, but I think home shoots can get overlooked! You can showcase things you love like cooking (and get messy), playing games, you could get hot and steamy in the bathroom, have a pillow fight, drink some coffee, the options are endless.

It also allows you to have your pets! Pets are such a huge piece of people's lives, so why not include them in your photos? Dogs are a little easier to get outside to photoshoots; so doing an at home shoot can open the possibilities to all kinds of pets. Their cats were so friendly and could do tricks! Seriously, so impressive. If I wasn’t already friends with them, I would become friends with them just for that reason alone.

What questions do you have about home shoots?

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