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Emily + Picking out the Perfect Location

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

This was the most beautiful place to shoot senior portraits and it is no joke right in the middle of downtown Boise. It is at the Rose Gardens by the Zoo and Art Museum! I am so glad we did her pictures when we did because the flowers were still in bloom! Seriously so, so pretty! That goes into our topic, picking out the perfect place for your photos! For my senior rep, Emily, it was a no brainer to shoot at the rose garden! It totally captured what we were going for and just down the road is some different architecture to spice it up.

The first thing to think about is: what do you want your vibe to be? Do you want to do something more traditional, urban, chic, profession, outdoors, or indoors? I think you should choose something that you love and will be timeless for you. So even though everyone you know takes their pictures in a field of wheat, totally go the other way and take them in an old alleyway.

Secondly, scout it out! Either you or the photographer. Looking online is good but always do it in person because you'll never know if it has changed since the picture was taken. It could have flooded from the recent rain, trees could have been removed, buildings could have been put up or painted. Just to cover yourself, check it out.

Next, ask your photographer if they have any favorite spots or recommendations! They will typically have some good hidden gems. I personally have a location guide that I give to all my clients if they don't already have a spot in mind! And I am always adding to it!

And finally! Ask to do multiple locations! Variety is the spice of life! Whether you split up your shoot and book multiple days or do it the same day, this will ensure that a good selection of pictures to choose from.

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