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Dupuy Family

First off, look at the family genes! What a beautiful family!!! It was such a pleasure to capture them as they vacationed in Coeur d'Alene this summer. They rented a house right on the water and it was one of the best weeks they could have visited weather wise.

I love the color coordination going on: we have a triadic color scheme, with the green, pink, and blue. It all goes together so well and is perfect for the outdoor shoot. Their shoot just feels so fun and vibrant. This just goes to show how important color is with planning your photoshoot. I'll go over the basic color schemes with you and some good resources!

You always want to pick colors that you feel comfortable in and the best place to shop is your own closet! That way it is still your style and you don't have to spend more money! Also, think about your interior of your house. Would the colors your are choosing match or clash? Last, I think having variety is the spice of life, so whether it is different colors, shades, hues, or prints, I say go for it!

Here are two great ways to narrow down your colors!

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