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Donna + Rick

I met Donna at our group lunch table at work. We both work at a high school and some how the conversation came up that I was a photographer. She then proceeded to share that she was looking for a photographer because she was recently engaged! What?! Then I’m a dummy and I told her I couldn’t shoot her wedding because my best friend was getting married the same day. Newsflash, I’m not good at reading. It was the following month...oops! We got it all sorted out and we were golden!

Donna is seriously so committed to her work and helping the kids. It has been so great to be able to get to know her better before shooting with her! And, I did briefly meet her husband to be. So I think both parties were feeling pretty comfortable.

Donna wanted to shoot at Kathryn Albertsons Park in Downtown Boise, Idaho. Such a beautiful park and well maintained! And, the best part of their photos was that they brought their dog! Okay guys, always bring your fur babies! It makes for the best pictures and they are such a big part of your life!

Something else important about this shoot that is really sweet is the ring Rick gave to Donna was originally Rick's mom's wedding ring. His parents got married young and couldn't afford her dream ring. So they waited a few years before they bought her dream ring and now Donna has the original. Rick's ring was made by Donna’s grandfather, who passed on. It's one of the many wedding rings he made himself. They did this to symbolize their families becoming one. How tender! I love this and they are fit for each other so well; just seeing how they interact with each other makes you smile! Stay tuned for some more pictures and stories from these cuties in July!

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