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Donna and Rick's Formals

Picture this: I am driving up to this shoot. It is 91 degrees, a super nice day and I get a text from the bride, Donna, that says, “Can we meet earlier to beat the storm?” In my head I’m like there is not a cloud in the sky what are you talking about but as I drove in closer to the destination it started storming. As a photographer, you constantly check the weather and this was not on the forecast. A downpour of rain, huge gusts of wind, lightning, and it dropped to about 68 degrees. Oh, and to top it off a weather advisory for high winds. Awesome. Love Idaho weather.

As Rick and I pulled in, (Donna and her mom were already there so we could do a first look) we called them trying to decide what to do. It was unbelievable how bad it was. We decided to go for it since they were already dressed up. We took it slow and inched our way out into more open areas. The wind actually helped in some aspects with lifting the dress and giving us some action shots.

Thankfully Donna and Rick were laid back and were willing to do most anything I asked. I think they just took it in stride and had fun with it. They are such a fun, joking couple that I don’t think something like this would get them down. They crack me up as well, so if you ever get to meet them you should totally be their friends.

The funny thing is, is that right as we were leaving the skies cleared and it stopped raining. Well, they say rain is good luck on your wedding day, so hopefully this means something too! I’m excited to shoot their wedding in only a few weeks!

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