Carmen + The Real Estate Market

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

If you are in need of a realtor, Carmen Glancy is your girl. She is over at Coldwell Banker in the treasure valley and she helped me and my husband out so much. We were in the process of trying to buy a house in the craziness of a sellers market. She was always available to to go to showings and answer any questions. Like we would call or text her all hours and she was super prompt. Always so happy and trying to get us into houses fast. Because they would literally sell in a day. The 3rd house we put a bid on... we got it! Anddd, we bid under, whereas we were bidding at least $20,000 over on the other houses. We may have wrote a sappy letter to the owners saying this would be the perfect house to start a family in. Well, we got it and we put the earnest money down. Here’s the kicker, the same day we got the call saying our offer was accepted my husband, Collin, got a call for an interview. What to do? We went forward with both, because this house was so perfect and this job would be such a good opportunity. To make the story short, Collin got the job and we lost the money. Now he lives in Spokane and I will move up there once the school year is done.

Through all this, Carmen was phenomenal and so understanding. She hooked us up with a realtor up in Spokane and has made the transition so smooth. I cannot recommend her enough. She even asked me to take her some new headshots! We took them over at the Boise Train Depot and it’s one of my favorite places because it overlooks downtown. It’s so diverse, I would highly recommend just going up there for a fun walk!

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