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Bolin Family

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I have know the Bolin family for years now. In high school, I went to school with a bunch of the children in their family. They are the nicest family you could ever meet and are so, so talented! A handful of them play college sports and have traveled for singing. I mean very talented.

All together, there are 10 kids, one of them had to miss out on the pictures but it had been at least 10 years since they had done family photos, so I feel privileged to have them reach out.

On top of the 10 kids there are lots of people, I think at least 30. Try to count, I dare ya! I only have one brother so it’s so crazy to me but it also makes me a little jealous too. It’s always a party with them, always someone to hangout with, share clothes with. Right? Let me know if I’m totally wrong!

I traveled down to Payette, Idaho where I am from to take their pictures. We took them in a local park and it was perfect for the little kids to be able to play when they were not having their pictures taken. It was very slick, we did individual families and then the whole family. It went really well and the kids cooperated super well. I think it also helped that Sarah had snacks.

I really love how these photos turned out, I sometimes get nervous with big groups but these are very crisp and airy. It’s made me expand my horizons and get out of my comfort zone to shoot big groups. They always say “practice makes perfect “. It also helps when the family is stunning!

Let me know how big your family is and when the last time you had family pictures taken! What is holding you back? What are the struggles? What are you looking for?

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