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Baili + Props

When planning out a shoot you always want to think about the mood you are going for! Where do you want it to take place? What will you wear? And what props will you bring? The options are limitless! For Baili’s shoot, the theme was a purple monochromatic feel. She wore all purple and brought some fun purple props as well. The nice thing about props is that you don't have to use them the whole time or at all if you are not feeling it! She brought some 90’s purple sunglasses, chic hair clips, and a chrome fanny pack. We ended up not using the fanny pack, but it was nice to have options! We also had a white backdrop that broke up the monotony of the Boise foothills. She totally rocked you can see! She moved and grooved to each click of the camera. She was so fun to work with, as well as stunning!

Some of my favorite props to bring for seniors/portraits are:

  • Musical instruments

  • Pets

  • Sport jerseys/letterman jackets

  • Sunglasses, hats, jewelry, jackets

  • Any hobby/favorite thing (Camera, rubix cube, computer, coffee cup, books)

  • Stools or chairs

  • Bags

  • Mirror

  • Candy

  • Disco balls

  • Balloons

  • Bubbles, smoke bombs, confetti, glitter

  • Cap and gowns


  • Flowers

  • Picnic set up (Blanket, basket, snacks)

  • Pets

  • Couches or stools


  • Blankets/swaddles

  • Sherpa rugs

  • Heat lamp

  • Head bands

  • Floral arrangements

  • Apple crate

  • Bean bag/ couch/ pillow

Think about what you love and already have. It doesn't have to be elaborate; look in your closet and pull out your favorite accessories or ask your photographer what props they might have. I recommend looking on Pinterest; there is a ton of inspiration! A lot of these ideas are not too expensive, especially if you already have them in your home! So what are you waiting for? Go grab your props and let's get to shooting!