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Ashley + Robert Wedding

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Ashley and Robert had a beautiful wedding up in Post Falls, Idaho. I am so grateful that they reached out to me to shoot their wedding! My husband and I drove up on a Friday so that we could do bridals the day before their wedding! We were super nervous because there was a storm coming in, so we kept pushing them back but eventually we caved and just went for it! I met them at Manito Park in downtown Spokane, Washington. If you are ever in the area, go to that park! It has a bunch of smaller areas like a Chinese garden, lilac, water features, it is gorgeous.

I met Robert and Ashley’s sister, so we could do a first look. It was almost comical because we had Robert wear a tie around his head so he couldn't see and we walked probably 300 yards and down stairs. Poor guy! Anyway, once we got there, it was a very sweet and tender moment. He was blown away and we got some precious moments captured. From there, we started shooting. I am so grateful Ashley had her mom, sister, and aunt there to help; they carried her bouquet, train, extra layers and an umbrella! It was super helpful. At one point, I had them throwing her dress and veil to make it look like the wind was blowing it. They were the real MVPs that night!

The next day was a pretty beautiful day, just a few drizzles but not the downpour we expected. The ceremony was short and sweet (Like seriously less than 5 minutes!). Then we did family and the bridal party photos! And what everyone waits for… the partayyy! Okay, the reception, but it sounds more fun to say party. They had donuts and pie! Okay, sign me up! Lots of dancing and beautiful decorations. Something that I have never seen before is the “Longest dance”. So the DJ called all the couples out on the floor and every 30 seconds he would say ,”If you have only been together for x amount of time go sit down,” and whoever was left standing won. It ended up being their grandparents. They also did a scavenger hunt but musical chair style with the bridal party. It got intense! They even had this game where the kids/young adults had to unwrap a ball of saran wrap full of candy and prizes and whoever got to the end first got a bigger prize! It was fun for all.

For their exit they had everyone blow bubbles and it ended up being really cute! I wish all the best for them and their future!

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