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Anthony's Rainy Day Shoot

Rain or shine! That was our moto for Anthony’s senior shoot. His shoot really showed who he was with his trumpet, letterman jacket and Boise State Admissions banner; I loved it!

The few days leading up to his shoot it had been off and on raining and cloudy. I had looked at the weather forecast the day of probably 6 different times and each time it was different! Why does it do that! So stressful! Anyway, it started off with a 50% chance of rain and then 90% an hour leading up to the shoot. Needless to say, I was shaking in my boots. Well, the weather gods came in our favor and literally, the only hour of the day it wasn’t dumping rain was when we shot! We were so grateful!

Cloudy days always make for some great pictures as well, so don’t let it put a damper on your day! Overcast is awesome for lighting because there are no harsh shadows on your face! The only downside is that the sky is grey but if you want more of a moody feel to your photos that could be a plus! It also could mean that it just rained or is about to rain so it limits your time or where you can go. Like you probably don’t want to sit on the wet grass.

Good news! If you ever schedule a shoot and the weather is not in your favor, reschedule! More than likely, your photographer will also be happy to shoot on another day. They want to capture you in your best state, not when your hair is flying in your face or you’re sopping wet from the rain. Me personally, I am down to shoot in a light drizzle or if I can have a covering. I am selfish and don’t want my camera to get damaged! Also, if you have shorter hair and an outfit that won’t get picked up by the wind, you don’t have to worry too much and can go forward with the shoot!

I hope these tidbits about weather were enlightening!

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