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Alicia + Seth & Giveaways!

Let's talk about giveaways. Giveaways can do great things for your business.

They can:

  • Bring excitement and buzz

  • Gives people a sense of importance and urgency to follow though

  • It forms a community and new clients

  • Shows your clients you have more to offer

  • You can share new products

  • Gain a trust and following

I like to do giveaways when I move or am in a slow part of the year to boost traffic. For photography specifically, it also helps build content. It can be a fun way to fill the empty squares on the gram.

I ended up giving away a:

  • Gigi pip hat -Here is a 10% discount for your own hat PEYTON10

  • 3 Nuun Hydration tablets

  • Mini face mask

  • Lip scrub

  • 30 min free shoot

This cute couple actually won my most recent giveaway. Alicia is a fellow photographer and soon to be momma; so I was excited when I drew her name! Her and her husband Seth, were so fun and easy to shoot. I loved the mood of the whole shoot; white interior with laid back outfits. I strive to be as cool as them when I am a parent! (or even now lol)

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